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Liquid Aluminum Casting Tube

Liquid Aluminum Casting Tube

Adtech company specializes in the development and production of new types of metallurgical materials. AdTech aluminum casting tubes adopt high-silicon melting materials. Liquid aluminum casting tube is also called alumina ceramic tundish nozzle. Aluminum silicate tundish nozzle is suitable for low-pressure castings, it can adjust the flow of molten aluminum. The alumina ceramic tube is usually used in conjunction with the alumina porcelain rod.

Alumina ceramic tubes have strong corrosion resistance, no pollution to metal solutions. They can meet the high value-added, high-tech performance requirements of aviation and transportation.

The automotive industry is the largest market for aluminum casting. Cast products make up more than half of the aluminum. Casting is the original and most widely used method of forming aluminum into products. Molten aluminum is poured into a mold to duplicate a desired pattern. In the process of aluminum casting, the flow control of liquid aluminum is very important. Molding of aluminum products affected by flow control.

The alumina porcelain rod adopts SiO2 melting material. The material has the advantage of strong strength, erosion resistance and thermal shock. The use of non-stick aluminum with Adtech boron nitride coating is excellent.

Liquid Aluminum Casting Tube

Liquid Aluminum Casting Tube Features

1. Excellent thermal shock resistance.
2. No infiltration with the non-ferrous metal.
3.Excellent wear resistance.
4 Low thermal expansion coefficient.
5. Enhance the production efficiency and reduce the cost.
6. Long service life.

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