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Metal Casting Filter

Metal Casting Filter

Metal casting filter is the most effective and reliable method to remove non-metallic inclusions in aluminum alloy melt. In principle, it can be divided into filter cake filtration and deep filtration. There are many types of filtration, the best ones are filter tubes and ceramic foam filters.

When the impurity particles in the molten aluminum flow through the micropores of the porous ceramic filter element, they contact the micropore wall due to inertia. The inertial impact is proportional to the square of the diameter of the impurity particles, and inversely proportional to the flow rate and fluid viscosity.

After the metal casting filter has been running for a period of time, the internal communication of the filter element may be caused by the particulate impurities in the fluid medium, and the surface filter cake layer becomes thicker, resulting in an increase in filter resistance. When the flow rate decreases, it can flow back through the gas and mix with a single liquid. The washing method is renewable, and the equipment is basically restored to its original state. Therefore, timing back-blowing and back-flushing can greatly extend the service life of the porous ceramic filter element.

After the coup in Guinea, the domestic situation may not be as tense as people thought. The Guinea coup soldiers did not intend to stop domestic production.

However, there is currently no guarantee for the safety of the property of Russian companies operating in Guinea, such as Rusal, Lukoil, Lenova Group, Alrosa and Rosneft.

However, he introduced that the statement issued by the special forces of the armed forces that launched the coup indicated that the coup will not have a significant impact on the supply of raw materials for the production of aluminum.

At present, Rusal still maintains continuous production in Guinea.

Mironiuk said: “The purchase of Rusal and En+ Group shares under current conditions is not entirely based on events in Guinea.

In addition to the rise in aluminum prices, the negative factor in the global market is that the bauxite mined in Guinea by the subsidiary of Rusal accounts for up to 50% of the total output of the entire group of companies.

If Guinea bans the export of bauxite or adopts measures to nationalize assets, the situation may change from a positive to a negative moment for the company’s market value.

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