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Metal Foundry Ceramic Filter

Metal Foundry Ceramic Filter

Metal Foundry Ceramic Filter is just developed as new type of molten metal filters to decrease casting flaw in recent years, play a vital role in the metal casting and foundry industries, where they are used to filter out impurities in molten metal to improve the quality and performance of the end product. Even the slightest non-metal impurities in molten metal can have a devastating effect on the performance and strength of finished metal goods. This can result in end products failing to meet the necessary quality standards. Ceramic filters for foundry play an essential role in removing these impurities and ensuring high-quality casting.

Metal Foundry Ceramic Filter Application

  • Decontaminated the molten metal liquid
  • Simplified gating system
  • Improve the metallurgical structure of the castings
  • Reduce slag inclusions of the castings
  • Increase the casting quality rate
  • Reduce casting internal re-oxidation defects
  • Reduce the surface defects after machining of the castings

Porous Alumina Ceramic Foam Filters

Metal Foundry Ceramic Filter Advantages

  1. High strength without loose ceramic particles or powder
  2. Three dimensional connected mesh structure and high porosity
  3. Large surface area of slag collection, large inner surface area of filtering
  4. Excellent thermal shock resistance
  5. Various sizes, shapes and pore sizes are available
  6. Particles larger than the pore size are captured at the top of the ceramic foam filter
  7. Smaller particles are captured on the filter cake created by the larger particles
  8. Finer particles are captured within the pores in the filter

The ceramic foam filters foundry have a gasket material chemically and mechanically bonded thereto. The filters have particular utility in the filtration of molten metal, especially aluminum. The filters are formed by immersing the porous filter body, in a gasketing medium consisting of a concentration of ceramic fibers, one or more binders, and the balance a vehicle such as water and applying a vacuum through the porous filter to draw the gasketing medium into contact with the portions of the filter body to be gasketed.

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