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Metal Refining

Metal Refining

The method of molten metal refining is to use fluxes for effective refining. The metal refining process converts certain impurities or oxides into compounds and separates them from the molten metal by vaporization, splashing, or floating. In this case, as the refining progresses, the level of impurities in the molten metal becomes very low. We supply refining flux, covering flux, drossing flux, granular flux for molten metal refining.

During refining, the vaporized components partially condense and adhere to the free plate area of ​​the refining furnace wall as scum. Other unvaporized scum impurities are separated and float on the surface of the molten metal. When the furnace is tilted to discharge the molten metal, the molten metal flow washes away a part of these adherents and floating objects and returns to the melt. In addition, if the refractory or the lining that receives the molten metal is not sufficiently heated before receiving the molten metal, the molten metal may be contaminated by the active gas components adsorbed in the lining. The lining part reacts with the molten metal activated by refining, or is corroded by the molten metal. Molten metal may be contaminated by corrosion products.

In order to prevent such attachments and floating objects, it is necessary to discharge the molten metal from the bottom of the refining vessel and leave part of the molten metal in the vessel to prevent floating impurities from being mixed in again.

Ceramic Foam Filter Aluminum Filtration

After the molten metal is discharged from the container, a ceramic foam filter is used to remove fine non-metallic inclusions. Since these methods are not effective for all re-imported pollutants, they must be combined to affect each of the re-imported substances listed above.

AdTech ceramic foam filters use good portiforium foam and high purity ceramic as raw material, can remove non-metal solid mixture from molten aluminium and aluminium alloy effectively in your aluminium casting industry. Using the right High-Temperature Materials will affect your productivity in a positive way!

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