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Molten Aluminium Covering Flux

Molten Aluminium Covering Flux

Molten Aluminium Covering Flux is used to prevent oxidation of aluminum inside the furnace, thereby reducing oxidation and combustion losses.

AdTech Molten Aluminium Covering Flux is a fine white powder composed of chloride and fluoride salts and other compounds. It can be sprayed with gas loaded in the refining tank, or it can be directly sprayed on the surface of the molten metal by hand, and evenly stirred to achieve the effect of impurity separation.

Covering agent is used to cover aluminum and non-high-magnesium aluminum alloy strontium-modified aluminum alloy in furnace, which greatly reduces metal loss caused by liquid surface oxidation and reduces oxidation burning loss. At the same time, a physical barrier is formed between the molten aluminum and the oxidizing gas in the furnace, which reduces the formation of oxide inclusions in the molten aluminum, produces an isolation effect, and is conducive to improving the casting quality.

Molten Aluminium Covering Flux

Our company also provides refining agents, slag removers, granular fluxes, etc.

Aluminum casting refining agent is mainly used to remove hydrogen in aluminum water and high temperature melt purification (refining) of floating oxide slag and aluminum alloy. Its basic function is to remove internal inclusions and hydrogen at high temperature. melt. This makes the molten aluminum more pure, and also has the effect of cleaning slag. Some members of the molten aluminum refining agent are easy to decompose at high temperature, and the generated gas can react with hydrogen, which can strongly adsorb the molten slag and quickly escape from the melt to play the role of slag cleaning.

The refining agent can be used in various aluminum alloy melts, and can be used for pure aluminum smelting, refining and slag making. When using, just sprinkle the refining agent on the surface, and then the refining agent is quickly dissolved in the aluminum liquid, and then fully stirred. If jets are used, it is best to inject the refining agent with an inert gas such as nitrogen and argon.

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