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Molten Aluminum Filter Intalco

Molten Aluminum Filter Intalco

Molten Aluminum Filter Intalco uses polyurethane foam as carrier and immerses it into slurry made of ceramic powder, binder, sintering aid, suspension agent, etc. Then squeeze out the excess slurry to make the ceramic slurry evenly coated on the carrier skeleton to form the body, and then the body is dried and sintered at high temperature.

Molten Aluminum Ceramic Foam Filter Intalco is used to Filter and purify Molten Aluminum impurities.

Filter efficiency is related to filter cell size. By carefully controlling cell size within the filter, a more consistent filtration performance can be achieved. Typically, removal efficiency increases as filter cell size and the metal velocity in the filter decrease.

Molten Aluminum Ceramic Foam Filters are classified according to different pore sizes, including 10PPi, 15PPi, 20PPi, 30PPi, etc. The mesh classification of sponges is different from that of products. Generally speaking, the larger the PPI value is, the smaller the pore size is and the smaller the inclusions are.

Molten Aluminum Filter Intalco

Function of Ceramic Foam Filter

  • After purifying liquid aluminum alloy, the viscosity of liquid aluminum alloy decreases and the fluidity of liquid aluminum alloy increases by 10%-15%. So filtration improves the filling capacity of aluminum alloy liquid.
  • Before filtration, aluminum alloy liquid flow is turbulent, and after filtration, it becomes laminar flow (the flow channel of foam ceramic filter twists and turns), which reduces the winding gas and second slagging.
  • As the filtration goes on, the filtration mechanism from sieving, filter cake to deep bed filtration, the purity of the filtered aluminum alloy becomes higher and higher (without exceeding the maximum filtration capacity of the ceramic foam filter).
  • For example, the liquid aluminum alloy in the combustion chamber at the bottom of the cylinder head is the purest.
  • The rejection rate of parts is reduced
  • The cutting performance of parts is improved
  • The mechanical properties of the materials are significantly improved, especially the elongation.

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