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Molten Aluminum Purifier

Molten Aluminum Purifier

The molten aluminum purifier rotates at high speed through silicon nitride rotor and injects inert gas (argon and nitrogen) to make it evenly dispersed in molten aluminum.

The diameter of inert bubbles will decrease, but the total surface area of bubbles will increase sharply.

Through more inert bubbles and extensive contact with hydrogen and impurities in aluminum alloy liquid, harmful substances in aluminum alloy liquid can be brought to the surface of molten liquid.

Molten Aluminum Purifier

It is difficult to control the impurities (hydrogen, alkali metal, non-metallic inclusions) in the melt due to its limited purification effect and secondary pollution during the melt flow.

Especially in the hot and rainy season in some countries, the porosity and inclusions in ingot seriously affect the internal quality, resulting in the decrease of aluminum production.

Aluminum liquid purifier processing box

The treatment tank consists of two internal cavities, a clean room and a heating and holding chamber, separated by SiC partitions.

The bottom of the two chambers is connected. After degassing the aluminum alloy liquid and removing the slag in the clean room, the aluminum alloy liquid flows into the insulation room from the bottom of the partition board for insulation.

The U-shaped silicon carbide protective tube is used in the insulation room, which is immersed in the aluminum alloy liquid, and the shell of the heating box is made of 10 mm steel plate.

The lining and refractory are cast as a whole. The upper part of the side wall is provided with a slag discharge port, and the bottom part is provided with a slag discharge port.

Molten Aluminum Purifier

Lifting system of molten aluminum purifier

To ensure accurate positioning, two hydraulic cylinders are used as lifting devices to control the vertical up and down movement of the rotor and heating system of the U-shaped SiC heater.

It can rotate 90 ° horizontally, the hydraulic system is relatively stable and the positioning is accurate.

Molten aluminum heating purifier

The degassing unit heating system adopts immersion heater, U-shaped silicon carbide rod and cylindrical silicon carbide or silicon nitride protection tube. The tube is equipped with temperature measuring thermocouple, which can realize automatic temperature control, and the power can be adjusted arbitrarily from 2kW to 26KW.

The temperature control system adopts more advanced power integration unit to realize automatic control, avoiding the shortcoming of lacking buffer stage when the heater is on and off. When the U-shaped SiC heater is frequently switched on and off, it will be continuously affected by the main current. In the non buffering stage, the heater is easy to be aged and its life is short.

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