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Online Purification Technology

Online Purification Technology

Aluminum alloy melt online purification technology refers to the refining of the aluminum alloy melt out of the furnace. The specific operation process is as follows:

First, the melt is led out of the furnace, and refined gases such as chlorine mixed gas, argon and nitrogen are passed into the online refining device, and the melt is refined. Secondly, because the refining device is directly connected to the bottom of the melt, the refining gas will be directly sent to the bottom of the aluminum alloy melt and react with the melt. At this time, small bubbles will gradually float upward from the bottom, and will interact with the aluminum alloy in the process. The melt is fully contacted to remove sodium, calcium and lithium ions in the melt.

Aluminum alloy melt online purification technology has strong practical applicability, and the alkali removal effect can reach more than 50%. If two online CFF filtering device in series is used at the same time, it is possible to reduce the amount of alkali metal ions to 3ppm or less, which will improve the aluminum purification quality of alloy melt.

Online Purification Technology

The purification effect of the degassing unit bubble floating purification technology is closely related to the purity and properties of the inert gas introduced, the size of the bubbles generated, and the degree of bubble dispersion. In order to improve the efficiency of purifying aluminum alloy melt by the melt rotary blowing equipment, the researchers further optimized the equipment to greatly reduce the bubble diameter and increase the bubble content in the melt, laying a foundation for improving the efficiency of hydrogen removal.

Melt purification is an important link in the production of aluminum alloy ingots. Improving the purification rate is an important guarantee for enhancing the performance of aluminum alloy products. Therefore, the staff must clarify the importance of this link, and adopt methods such as furnace refining technology and online degassing purification technology to purify the aluminum alloy melt to ensure the effective separation of aluminum alloy and inclusions, and effectively improve the quality of aluminum alloy ingots.

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