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Online Refining Methods

Online Refining Methods

The online refining methods outside the furnace include the MINT method, SNIF method, ALPUR method, FILD method, and so on. Most of these online refining purification methods closely combine degassing and filtration purification.

The SNIF method and the ALPUR method use a rotating rotor to blow gas. Make small bubbles uniformly dispersed in the melt. The average residence time is about 3 min. The degree of mechanization and automation of the online purification device developed in China in recent years has been continuously improved. The purification effect can be compared with imported equipment, the price is low, and it can completely replace imported equipment.

The principle of the ALPUR refining method is basically the same as that of the SNIF method. The main reason is that the mixer has a special structure. The nozzle can agitate the alloy melt at the same time to make it enter the nozzle. The stirring effect of the 6 rotating impellers significantly increases the contact and action opportunities between the melt and the refined gas. So that the refining purification effect is significantly improved. The purification capacity can reach 5-35 t/h, the gas consumption is 0.6~0.8L/kgAl, the removal efficiency of oxides and other non-metallic impurities can reach more than 80%, and the degassing efficiency is generally 60%~65%. The effect of slag and alkali metal removal is also very good.

AdTech Degassing Unit

Max degassing flow of AdTech Degassing Unit is 15-65MT/H. The average degassing efficiency is 60%. If use Ar and Mg content ≤1%, thr efficiency can reach 0.09cc/100g.

Our online degassing unit is mainly used for the hydrogen (H) and slags removal from molten aluminum.

It takes the gas flotation principle. The rotor takes inert gas or mixture of chlorine and inert gas into molten aluminum and smash the gas into dispersed tiny bubbles, the bubbles rise to molten aluminum surface and finish the below stated procedures at the same time:

H is being absorbed in bubbles and is being removed.
The chloride is removed (formed by chemical action with alkali metal and chlorine gas).
Remove slags.

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