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Purification of Molten Aluminum

Purification of Molten Aluminum

The cast aluminum alloy castings in the aerospace field require high requirements. Most companies still use inert gas rotating degassing and filtering operation mode for the purification of molten aluminum.

Small aluminum alloy die-casting enterprises, due to low casting requirements and outdated equipment technology, are basically machine-side furnace melting, and do some simple slagging treatment to produce castings. It is better to use inert gas or non-toxic refining agent to do some simple refining treatment or filter the aluminum liquid with a filter plate, and start production without testing the treatment effect of the aluminum liquid. This kind of treatment has poor quality of molten aluminum, low production grade, relatively high cost, and difficult enterprise development.

Some large and medium-sized aluminum alloy die-casting enterprises mostly use centralized melting, slagging in the furnace, and organizing production after degassing and slagging. The molten aluminum undergoes inert gas online degassing and foam ceramic filtration to produce castings.

Purification of Molten Aluminum

Advanced aluminum liquid purification treatment technology: online degassing treatment equipment, purification treatment selects nitrogen rotating degassing and ceramic foam filter plate filtration, and the treated aluminum liquid has an equivalent density of less than 1. Advanced processing equipment like this is used more in new scale production enterprises. Companies that choose metal gravity casting and mass-produce automobile and motorcycle castings basically use continuous melting furnace aluminum, inert gas online degassing, and ceramic filter plate filtration to process molten aluminum. The quality of molten aluminum processed by these methods can be guaranteed, the efficiency is high, and the production cost is relatively low; it is good for mass production.

More and more high-quality aluminum alloy castings have begun to be produced in my country, and the requirements for molten aluminum are constantly improving. It is a necessary way to improve the purification equipment and technology of molten aluminum.

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