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Refining Flux America Aluminum

Refining Flux America Aluminum

Refining Flux America Aluminum is applicable to commonly used aluminum alloys (alloys with high magnesium content and aluminum-magnesium alloys), and pure aluminum smelting, degassing refining, and slag removal.

The refining agent is sprinkled on the liquid surface, and is quickly pressed into the aluminum liquid. After being fully stirred, it is allowed to stand and slag. If it is sprayed, the refining agent is sprayed into the aluminum liquid with an inert gas.

Granular Refining Flux America Aluminum purification is both environmentally friendly and economical, and meets the requirements of aluminum alloy precision casting production with high added value and high technical performance for aviation and transportation.

Refining Flux America Aluminum

Alcoa is the world’s leading manufacturer of alumina, electrolytic aluminum, and aluminum processed products. Its products cover aerospace, automotive, packaging, construction, commercial transportation, consumer electronics and other markets.

In terms of scrap aluminum recycling, Alcoa’s casting operations are produced by recycling externally purchased scrap. Its EcoDura aluminum contains at least 50% of scrap aluminum, while the recyclable content of the aluminum strip produced by Warwick is 38.3% in 2020, compared to the same period last year. An increase of 9.9%. It is reported that in 2020, Alcoa consumed approximately 123,000 tons of scrap aluminum in its global operations.

In terms of product technology research and development, Alcoa’s global alumina plant investment portfolio has the lowest carbon footprint among global producers. It currently intends to reduce the greenhouse gas emission footprint of the aluminum smelting process through process improvement and portfolio evaluation, including the proportion of renewable energy in the energy consumption of smelters will increase from 78% in 2020 to over 85% in 2025. At the same time, Alcoa is studying the use of solar heat to provide heat to replace fossil fuels, and its refining business is also working to decarbonize the alumina refining process.

In terms of international cooperation, Alcoa is actively supporting and participating in the work of the International Aluminum Association (IAI) to identify ways and opportunities for industrial decarbonization.

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