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Refining Process

Refining Process

Refining process, tools and other factors will affect the quality of aluminum alloy melt. It must be baked before use. It cannot be operated in cold conditions and is coated with a protective coating to prevent the metal from further absorbing hydrogen and increasing iron.

Adtech’s refining flux is dedicated to the research, development, production, and marketing of Refined Flux for degassing and deslagging molten metal in the aluminum alloy casting process. Adtech’s refining flux uses unique technology to enhance the traditional degassing and slag removal effects, and this technology is suitable for the casting process of multiple series aluminum alloy products.

Refining Process

The moisture content of refining flux must be controlled below 0.3%, and the purity of inert gas must be higher than 9999%.

The refining amount is 0.1-0.2% of the aluminum melt weight, which can also be determined according to the actual situation on site.

The refining process must be carried out at a specific temperature to achieve physical and chemical reactions in the melting process. The melting temperature depends on the melting point of the alloy. The refining temperature of cast aluminum alloy is controlled at 700 ~ 740 ℃. The refining operation shall not be lower than 700 ℃.

In the refining process, the bottom of the bath can be approached and dragged back and forth to make the refining flux completely contact with the molten aluminum to achieve the purpose of refining.

During the refining operation, the operator can freely control the flow of carrier gas and refining flux and the rotation number of powder feeder through the barometer. The secondary pollution can be reduced by controlling the rolling process of molten aluminum.

The refining time should be controlled within 0-15 minutes. If necessary, two times of refining should be carried out.

After the slag is discharged from the furnace, or the cooling liquid is heated naturally. Standing time is usually limited to 20-30 minutes.

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