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Refining Purification

Refining Purification

Refining purification is a process of removing gases, inclusions and harmful elements from the melt, and obtaining good aluminum liquid. There are many refining purification methods for aluminum alloys, in terms of their working principles, they can be divided into adsorption refining and non-adsorption refining. According to the refining position, it can be divided into furnace refining, ladle refining, and online refining (or continuous refining outside the furnace).

Adsorption refining refers to the direct contact between the aluminum melt and the adsorbent (such as refining agents and ceramic filter media), so that the adsorbent and inclusions in the melt are chemically or physically contacted, so as to achieve the method of degassing and slag removal. The degree of melt purification depends on the contact conditions, that is, the contact area between the melt and the adsorbent, the duration, and the surface state. Adsorption refining includes gas refining, chloride salt refining, flux refining, and melt filtration. Adsorption refining is currently the most widely used refining method in the aluminum industry.

Aluminum Casting Ceramic Filters

Non-adsorption refining refers to changing the equilibrium state of the metal-inclusion system without adsorbents, so that the gas and solid non-metallic inclusions are removed from the aluminum melt. Non-adsorption refining has a refining effect on all aluminum melts. The refining effect depends on the external conditions that break the balance, and the movement characteristics of the aluminum melt, inclusions and gases. Non-adsorption refining includes static treatment, vacuum treatment, ultrasonic treatment, pre-solidification treatment and so on.

For decades, aluminum melt refining purification technology has been developing in the direction of environmental protection, high efficiency, low consumption and convenience. Combining these methods with a better treatment effect, the composite treatment outside the furnace has become a new development trend. Our online degassing system and filtration system are widely used in the aluminum foundry. They can handle a large amount of molten aluminum once time.

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