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Refractory Refining Agent

Refractory refining agent for aluminum casting can remove non-metallic inclusions, supplement degassing. And it can decrease dross build-up on furnace walls, reduce sludge formation at the furnace bottom, improve overall melt and furnace cleanliness. Refractory refining agent has fine white powder shaped, the main components are chloride and villiaumite, and other chemical compounds. After heating and screen treatment, the refining flux has even granularity, which is convenient for boiling kiln. It is widely applied for the refining of casting aluminum in the reverberatory furnace and holding furnace.

Refractory Refining Agent Advantages

1.Good Liquidity, good performance in deslagging and degassing.
2.Good purification, less pollution, less dosage, low cost.
3.Easy separation of aluminum and slag.

Refractory Refining Agent

When you get the refractory refining agent, you will find that it is a white granular solvent, whose main function is to remove hydrogen and floating oxidized slag in the aluminum liquid. It is configured by a variety of inorganic salt treatments in a certain proportion, and it is easy to decompose at high temperature, the generated gas is easy to grave with hydrogen, and the adsorption capacity of slag inclusion is strong. Therefore, refining agents are used in many large aluminum product manufacturers, and refining agents play an important role.

Especially with the widespread use of aluminum products in today’s society, many small and medium-sized enterprises have increasingly higher performance requirements for aluminum products. Aluminum products have good corrosion resistance, strong plasticity, and are widely used. We also need to know how to use it. In the process of using the refining agent, you only need to sprinkle the refining agent on the liquid surface, quickly press it into the molten aluminum, and then after fully mixing, remove the slag.

Do you understand the relevant knowledge of refining agents? The refining agent is mainly used to remove impurities in the molten aluminum, effectively improve the purity of the molten aluminum, and can combine refining and solvent refining, and has a good degassing effect. When we store the refining agent, we must pay special attention to it. It can be stored in a dry and clean place. When using it, it needs to be isolated from the air and stored in a dry place.

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