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Russia Molten Aluminum Filter

Russia Molten Aluminum Filter

Russia Molten Aluminum Filter is used to filter molten aluminum. The foam mesh filter uses alumina aggregate particles as the binder phase, and is usually used to filter aluminum and aluminum alloys.

In the aerospace, electronic communications, and food packaging industries, more and more stringent requirements are placed on the quality of aluminum products. For example, even if there are several surface defects that strongly affect it, it must remove molten aluminum as much as possible from the smallest inclusions in the alloy material.

The aluminum liquid secondary purification device is provided with two filter chambers at the bottom of the filter chamber. In the first chamber, the molten aluminum impurity coating is removed, and the molten metal is fed into the mold to keep the second chamber clean. The molten aluminum flows into the second chamber through the first chamber in the filter chamber. Almost no molten metal oxide is formed here.

The aluminum liquid purifier has a rod heater to keep the temperature of the molten metal within a strictly controlled range. In this way, an easy-to-replace filter can be used to effectively remove impurities from the molten metal.

Russia Molten Aluminum Filter uses a three-dimensional network structure and organic foam with bonding pores as a carrier to penetrate the thixotropic alumina material slurry. Using a fully automatic extrusion process with square center distance correction, the slurry is evenly distributed on the foam carcass, sintered, and cured at a high temperature of 1180°C. Installed in the filter housing, used to filter impurities in the aluminum alloy liquid, to meet the needs of high-tech aviation and transportation of high value-added precision aluminum alloy castings. Such as: computer hard disk, PS board base for printing, canned food, jet turbofan blades and other products.

There are gaskets around the ceramic filter plate acting on the contact surface of the filter plate and the filter box to prevent the aluminum liquid from leaking through the contact surface.
Ceramic Foam Filter For Aluminium uses three different characteristics of the gasket: fiber paper edge; cotton fiber edge; lengthened cotton hem.

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