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Single Rotor Degassing Box

Single Rotor Degassing Box

Single rotor degassing box is a kind of pollution-free green liquid aluminum purification device. It is used for hydrogen removal in molten aluminum.

The working principle of the single rotor degasser is that liquid aluminum is stirred by the graphite shaft with controlled rotation and the rotor, and the measured inert gas is pressed into liquid aluminum through the rotor and broken. The tiny bubbles are evenly dispersed in the liquid metal and the gas partial pressure of the bubbles is zero. Due to the high partial pressure of hydrogen in liquid aluminum, hydrogen in liquid aluminum continuously diffuses into the bubble, and some non-metallic inclusions in liquid aluminum adsorb on the surface of the bubble, which eliminates the inert adhesion of hydrogen and some non-metallic inclusions. The bubbles rise to the liquid level and are then desulfurized and oxide inclusion removed by slag.

Degassing principle of high efficiency, does not affect the production process, can promote liquid aluminum in a short time. Purity, reduce reject rate, improve production efficiency, improve mechanical properties of castings, enhance the competitiveness of products, which can not be achieved by traditional degassing methods.

Single Rotor Degassing Box

The metal degassing system adopts compact furnace body design. The single rotor is degassed in the degassing box to form convection in the tank and make the small bubbles fully diffuse in the liquid aluminum. The contact surface between bubbles and liquid aluminum is adopted. At the same time, the sealing design is adopted to prevent secondary pollution caused by outside air, thus improving the degassing efficiency of the device.

Single rotor degasifier work, liquid aluminum in the working gap through electric heating to maintain temperature, heating system using immersion heating device, high heating efficiency, using silicon carbon rod heating element, silicon controlled temperature control temperature control precision is high, easy to use.

Single rotor degasser adopts one key switch, easy to use, reduce system complexity, reduce equipment maintenance costs. At the same time, users’ requirements for casting quality are considered in the equipment design, and the flow rate of refined gas and rotor speed can be adjusted.

Easy equipment maintenance and rotor replacement, rotating nozzle section and heater section can be lifted separately, and the top cover can promote horizontal rotation to maximize maintenance and maintenance operations.

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