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AdTech Refining Agent

AdTech Refining Agent

AdTech refining agent can remove various non-metallic inclusions, hydrogen, sodium, lithium and calcium in aluminum liquid and aluminum alloy liquid.

The Harm of Na Ca Element

When the Na content in the melt increases, the viscosity of the aluminum alloy increases, and the casting is more prone to looseness due to poor fluidity, and the tendency of ingot cracking increases;
Na will cause sodium brittleness in aluminum alloy during hot working;
The reaction of Ca with P, Si and other elements is mostly high melting point compounds, which reduces the fluidity and feeding performance of the alloy;
Ca will cause the oxide film of alumina to rupture, increase the hydrogen content of the molten aluminum and the probability of porosity and porosity in the casting;
Ca will also form a compound phase that is insoluble in the aluminum matrix and affect the performance of the alloy after heat treatment.

AdTech refining flux is a granular eutectic synthesis of binary compounds. It reacts quickly, so that it can effectively remove sodium, lithium, calcium, non-metallic inclusions and hydrogen in molten aluminum and aluminum alloy liquid. Use online degassing and refining equipment in aluminum processing to improve the efficiency of slagging and degassing.

AdTech Refining Agent

AdTech Refining Agent Advantage

  • Standard spray particle size
  • No fluoride, harmless
  • Low melting point, quick dispersion
  • Hygroscopicity is lower than magnesium chloride powder
  • Less usage
  • Reduce slag buildup on furnaces, launders and tools

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