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Alumina Ceramic Filters for Foundry

Alumina Ceramic Filters for Foundry

The use of alumina ceramic filters for foundry can purify molten aluminum, it has brought huge benefits to the strip foil and its products.

For manufacturers of aluminum alloy profiles, there are several advantages:

  1. Improve extrusion productivity: When using filter plates to purify alloy extrusion materials, we have inspected a certain mold and found that the extrusion speed increased by about 20%, and the productivity increased by about 15%;
  2. Extend the life of the mold and reduce the number of mold repairs;
  3. Reduce the squeezing force: After purifying the alloy melt with the filter plate, it is found that the squeezing force is reduced by more than 3% than the unfiltered one;
  4. Significantly improve the surface quality of aluminum profiles.

In the can-making thinning and deep-drawing process, the ductility of the blank is in an extremely low state. Therefore, a small amount of impurities will form the main factor of pinhole leaking cans and tearing broken cans. Due to the three thinning processes of the can-making thinning and deep drawing process, the thickness of the thin wall will be reduced from 0.25~0.35m to 0.08-0.12mm. To make the thinned wall without small pinholes, it is required that the particle size of the metal compound in the thickness direction after deformation is less than 10um, otherwise, pinhole leaking cans will be formed.

The metallurgical quality of molten aluminum is the most important for preventing broken cans. For the metallurgical quality of aluminum alloy, the control of chemical composition during smelting and the casting process parameters are the key processes, so as to ensure the quality of the internal structure of the material. Usually, metallurgical quality problems are poor melt processing (degassing, slagging), and the most important thing is slag removal.

The alumina ceramic foam filters for foundry can remove the inclusions in molten aluminum, CFF filtering system is suitable for the requirements of different refractoriness and pouring speeds. It can significantly improve the quality of castings, which is conducive to cutting processing, thereby reducing tool wear and reducing manufacturing costs.

The alumina ceramic foam filter has excellent thermal shock resistance, strength, and high porosity. It can filter and adsorb the smallest possible inclusions in the molten metal, and use its unique rectification effect to obtain a stable molten aluminum, prevent air bubbles from entering.

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