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Aluminium Casting Ceramic Filters

Aluminium Casting Ceramic Filters

Aluminium Casting Ceramic Filters are used to filter molten aluminum before casting. The CFF filtration process can remove particles and enhance the performance of metal castings.

Foam Ceramic Filters for aluminium casting consist of an open-cell flexible foam material, preferably hydrophobic, with a plurality of interconnected voids surrounded by a mesh of flexible foam material.

Typical materials that can be used include polymer foams such as polyurethane foam and cellulose foam.

Generally speaking, any combustible organic foam can be used as long as it has elasticity and the ability to restore its original shape. The foam must be burned or volatilized below the firing temperature of the ceramic material used.

When using a ceramic foam filter, install a ceramic disc filter in the CFF filter box. Molten aluminum is poured into the filter housing through a ceramic foam filter, which traps fine particles in the molten metal. After the casting operation is completed, the aluminum slag remaining in the ceramic filter forms a nearly solid aluminum block.

The ceramic foam filter can remove a large number of inclusions from the molten aluminum. Foam ceramic filtration technology has become the world’s leading commercial aluminum alloy filtration method. Due to its low installation and operating costs and ease of use, the technology quickly spread to aluminum foundries of various types and levels of complexity.

The ceramic foam filter plate can effectively filter out the large inclusions in the molten aluminum, absorb the small inclusions in the molten aluminum, refine the crystal structure of the casting, and reduce the hydrogen content in the molten aluminum. The content of harmful elements Na and K in molten aluminum is removed by adsorption.

The filtering method is simple. Foam ceramic filter plates have been standardized and serialized production. According to the requirements of the quality and flow of the molten aluminum, with filter plates with different hole sizes (20-60ppi) and filter plate combinations, different filtering effects can be achieved.

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