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Alumminum Foundry Ceramic Filters

Alumminum Foundry Ceramic Filters

Using the right High-Temperature Materials – Alumminum Foundry Ceramic Filters will affect your productivity in a positive way!

Alumminum foundry ceramic filters are used in the aluminum metallurgy industry and aluminum rod and ingot foundries to remove non-metallic inclusions and metal fusion in molten aluminum.

During the casting process, due to the three-dimensional structure of the Foam Ceramic Filter, the metal flow is effectively stabilized, the mold is smoother, and the filling is more uniform.

Aluminum Foundry Ceramic Filter is usually applied by placing an alumina ceramic foam filter in the filter housing. The filter has excellent corrosion resistance and cast aluminum corrosion performance, can effectively remove inclusions, reduce residual gas, provide laminar flow, and the filtered metal is significantly cleaner. Cleaner metals can produce high-quality castings, reduce scrap and reduce inclusion defects, and help increase profits.

Foam Ceramic Filters for Aluminium Casting

The ceramic foam filter is widely used in the aluminum water filtration in the aluminum melting and casting process to filter the oxide slag in the aluminum liquid and prevent the particulate impurities in the aluminum liquid from entering the casting slab, which affects the quality of aluminum processed products. According to the quality requirements of the finished castings, the flow rate of the molten aluminum, the total amount of filtered molten aluminum, and the cleanliness of the molten aluminum itself, the correct selection of the specifications of the foam filter plate can obtain a satisfactory filtering effect.

Our ceramic foam filter uses good portiforium foam and high purity ceramic as raw material, can removes non-metal solid mixture from molten aluminium and aluminium alloy effectively in your aluminium casting industry. AdTech specially designed Ceramic Foundry Filters are made of the basic raw material Aluminium Oxide. They are manufactured with porosities varying from 10 to 60 pores per inch (PPI). Also, combo sets are made in 20-30 PPI and other selections are possible. Different sizes and custom-made filters are manufactured according to specifications.

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