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Aluminium Granulated Flux

Aluminium Granulated Flux reacts peacefully in aluminum water, does not burn violently and generate a lot of smoke, and has a low moisture content, which can create a good working environment.

The product is granular (0.82-3.15mm) and has a larger contact area with the aluminum liquid than the bulk refining agent. The effect of degassing and slag removal is better.
The product can be sprayed into the aluminum melting tank by using a high-purity nitrogen or argon powder spraying tank to form numerous bubbles in the aluminum liquid. The bubbles float up and fully contact with the aluminum liquid. Through physical and chemical action, the gas in the aluminum liquid is reversed. And the inclusions are brought to the surface of the aluminum liquid to achieve the purpose of degassing and slag removal.

The refining agent sprayed to the bottom of the molten pool has a physical and chemical reaction with the slag at the bottom of the furnace, which can dissolve the alumina, separate the slag from the aluminum, and bring the gas to the surface of the aluminum liquid, thus keeping the bottom of the furnace clean , Greatly reduce the number of furnace cleaning, improve furnace utilization and reduce labor intensity. Degassing separates oxides and impurities from the melt at the same time, and the resulting slag is dry, easy to separate from the metal, and easier to remove the slag, which improves the utilization rate of the metal.

Product dosage: The dosage is 0.1-0.2% of the aluminum liquid, and the dosage is 0.15%.

Aluminium Granulated Flux

Instructions of Aluminium Granulated Flux

1. Unpack and put the Aluminium Granulated Flux into the powder spraying tank device. When the temperature of the aluminum water is 680-710°C, use high-purity argon or nitrogen as a carrier to spray the refining agent into the aluminum melt.
2. After the spraying is completed, remove the slag floating on the surface of the aluminum liquid. According to the dry and wet conditions of the slag, you can adjust the amount of flux. If it is too dry, you need to reduce the amount of flux, otherwise continue to burn more aluminum metal.
3. The amount of standard slag removing agent is 0.15% of aluminum water, and the amount of addition is adjusted according to the proportion of waste added to the cleanliness of aluminum water.

Aluminium Flux Storage

1. Store in a ventilated and dry warehouse to prevent moisture; it is recommended not to put it directly on the ground.
2. It must be used immediately after opening the bag, and sealed before use.
3. When stacking products, do not stack more than 5 layers, or more than 1.5 meters in height.
4. The packaging should be protected from damage during transportation and handling.

Aluminium Granulated Flux

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