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Aluminum Alloy Refining Flux

Aluminum Alloy Refining Flux

Aluminum alloy refining flux is a kind of powder particles that are in full contact with molten metal. The gas and inclusion in liquid aluminum are brought to the surface of liquid aluminum by physical and chemical action, and the purpose of degassing and slag removal is achieved at the same time.

Aluminum refining agent is smokeless, tasteless, dust-free and easy to operate. For example, the special bell cover for smelting treatment has better effect, and the equipment and equipment will not be corroded, The refined preparation has good degassing effect. Under normal conditions, pinhole degree can reach 1-2.

Application of Aluminum Alloy Refining Flux

1. The dosage of refined preparation is about 0.3% (depending on the situation).

2. When in use, pour the product into a special container, pass argon or dry nitrogen, pressurize and blow into liquid aluminum, stir evenly, stop the reaction, stand for a period of time, and then cast.

3. The refined aluminum powder is sprinkled on the surface of the liquid and quickly pressed into the liquid aluminum. Mix well and let stand to drain. If spraying, it is better to inject refining agent into liquid aluminum with inert gas.

4. Press the refining agent into the bottom of molten aluminum. At this time, due to a large amount of heat released from the reaction, the liquid aluminum quickly turns red when heated. The refining agent should be in full contact with liquid aluminum. After the slag is dried into powder, it can be dried.

When liquid aluminum reaches 700-740 ° 5 kg Adtech aluminum alloy casting flux was added to each ton of liquid aluminum.

Put the flux into the powder spraying equipment. Under the action of nitrogen or argon, spray the flux into the liquid aluminum twice, make the nozzle close to the furnace bottom and stir evenly, so that the flux aluminum can fully contact with the liquid aluminum. Then, after physical or chemical action with nitrogen, refine it with argon or argon at the furnace bottom for 20 minutes, forming many tiny bubbles. Hydrogen atoms and slag are separated from liquid aluminum by bubbles, and then slag removal and purification are completed.

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