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Aluminum Alloy Refining Process

Aluminum Alloy Refining Process

The cast aluminum alloy refining process uses chemical compounds added to molten aluminum to degas and remove slag. Aluminum Alloy Refining Process is an important process step that cannot be missed in the aluminum alloy casting process. It can play the role of degassing, purifying and refining the aluminum alloy.

Aluminum alloy has relatively active chemical properties. When casting and smelting, it is easy to react with water vapor to oxidize and absorb hydrogen, so that defects such as inclusions and pinholes are formed when the aluminum liquid solidifies into aluminum castings. These defects will affect the aluminum castings. Mechanical properties.

There are two current refining methods:

1. Adsorption refining method: mainly includes solvent method, floatation method and filtration method;

2. Non-adsorption refining method: vacuum treatment and ultrasonic treatment

When aluminum alloy casting, no matter which refining method is used, the purpose is to better degas, purify and refine the aluminum alloy, so as to obtain high-quality and qualified aluminum castings.

The refining agent is a white powder or granular flux, which is mixed and formulated by a certain proportion of a variety of inorganic salts after drying treatment. It is mainly used to remove hydrogen and floating oxidized slag in the aluminum liquid. The main component element is aluminum.

What problems should be paid attention to when using refining agent?

Scope of application: suitable for common grades of aluminum alloy (alloys with high magnesium content and aluminum-magnesium alloys cannot be used), and when smelting pure aluminum, degassing refining and slag removal.

How to use: Sprinkle the refining agent on the liquid surface, quickly press it into the molten aluminum, fully stir and let it stand for slag removal; for example, with the help of a sprayer, spray the refining agent into the molten aluminum with inert gas for better results.

Packing requirements: powdered supply, moisture-proof packaging, and must be dry on site.

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