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Degassing Aluminum Casting

Degassing Aluminum Casting

The complex degassing aluminum casting is a new technology with the electromagnetic pump low-pressure casting technology as the core, aluminum smelting and molding compound purification technology and the core of the manufacturing industry, and the modern technology of producing aluminum castings. The advantages of stable flow, convenient flow control, reduction in the process of molten aluminum suction and easy realization are the automation of the use process, which not only improves the casting quality of aluminum castings, but also improves the working environment. Realize automation and modern casting production.

Degassing Aluminum Casting

An important part of the purified molten enamel alloy castings is the removal of gas injection and spin foam ceramic filters with high degassing properties in aluminum smelting and composite purification facilities, unless the performance of metal inclusions. Volume, it uses a new long-life lining material, has an independent heat preservation/heating system, which can be used for a large number of continuous production, but also for intermittent production. This is the technology of melting aluminum purification efficiency, long life, effective correction, easy to install, use and flexible.

There are three main aspects to consider in solving complex problems of quality aluminum castings:

(1) Melting and melting of molten aluminum,

(2) Smooth transition of molten aluminum metal halide lamp,

(3) Size and stable mold and sand core process.

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