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Aluminum Casting Degassing

Aluminum Casting Degassing

There are two kinds of Aluminum Casting Degassing: one is chemical degassing, which uses refining flux, the other is degassing by degassing machine.

Impurities are separated from liquid aluminum by degassing and refining. The traditional method is to put the refining agent on the molten aluminum, and then mix it into the liquid aluminum by hand. The efficiency is relatively low, and the refining agent and aluminum liquid can not fully contact and react.

The use of inert gas method and refining agent for degassing has remarkable effect, and greatly reduces the artificial and error caused by artificial degassing.

The degasser has the advantages of stable performance, simple control, high initial efficiency and better effect when used with refining agent.

In terms of deoxidization equipment, our company has carried out friendly cooperation with many military enterprises and auto parts manufacturing industry.

Nowadays, die casting industry and casting industry have higher and higher requirements for product quality.

The main factor affecting the quality of aluminum products is the amount of hydrogen in molten aluminum.

Therefore, the use of molten aluminum degassing unit was increased subsequently. Aluminum casting degassing method is getting better and better.

Principle of degassing system for liquid aluminum: the solubility of hydrogen in molten aluminum is very high, which will reduce the physical and machining properties of castings. To cast high-quality castings, the hydrogen content in liquid aluminum must be controlled at a low level. The rotor of degassing refining equipment can effectively disperse the inert gas into small bubbles, and evenly disperse and float in liquid aluminum. The hydrogen partial pressure in the liquid aluminum is higher than that in the bubble. The hydrogen will diffuse into the inert gas and float up to the liquid surface with the bubble, so as to effectively reduce the hydrogen content in the liquid aluminum. At the same time, the floating bubbles will bring the small inclusions in the liquid aluminum to the surface of the liquid aluminum and be captured and removed by the covering agent

The rotating rotor of liquid aluminum degassing system injects quantitative inert gas into liquid aluminum by rotating graphite rotary rod and rotor. The rotor disperses inert gas into small bubbles and distributes it evenly in liquid metal. Useless hydrogen and nonmetallic inclusions are captured by inert gas bubbles and floated to the liquid surface. The purification effect of aluminum liquid is good. The hydrogen content of 100g aluminum alloy liquid can reach below 0.1ml (pinhole grade 1). The hydrogen removal rate is high, the alloy element burning loss is less, and the composition and temperature of aluminum alloy liquid are uniform.

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