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Aluminum Casting Filters

Aluminum Casting Filters

Aluminum alloy smelting is the first process in the process of aluminum alloy processing, and it is also a crucial link. It is embodied in the alloying, purification, and refinement processing technology of the smelting process. In order to remove non-metallic inclusions in the aluminum alloy melt, the flux treatment in the furnace and the foam ceramic filtration technology outside the furnace have become an important means of purifying the aluminum liquid. Aluminum Casting Filters are porous ceramics with an open porosity of up to 80-90%, a bulk density of only 0.3-0.6 g/cm3, and a unique three-dimensional network framework and permeable pore structure.

After the impurities in the Aluminum Casting Filters are removed, the quality of the ingot can be significantly improved and the rejection rate can be reduced. The development of Aluminum Casting Filters materials has contributed to a wide range of applications in the metallurgical industry. The aluminum casting filter is usually used to produce a three-dimensional network structure and organic foam as a carrier of connected pores. It is immersed in a special ceramic slurry with thixotropy, and a special roll extrusion process is used to make the ceramic slurry uniform. The ground is coated on the skeleton of the carrier, but the classic method is dry curing and high temperature baking.

Aluminum Casting Filters

Aluminum Casting Filters Purification Technology

There are two main modes of aluminum alloy melt purification technology:

One is the flux powder refining in the furnace, and the semi-continuous casting of the foam ceramic filter plate outside the furnace. Nowadays, many aluminum processing plants add online degassing equipment before filtering to improve the purification effect.

The second is the use of continuous casting and rolling lines. The size of the Aluminum Casting Filters plate used depends on the cleanliness requirements of the molten aluminum. The cleanliness of liquid aluminum is higher, the smaller the pore size of the foam ceramic filter is. With the development of various aluminum purification technologies, foam ceramic filtration technology is the last process for purifying molten aluminum.

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