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Aluminum Degassing Device

Aluminum Degassing Device

As we all know, because aluminum alloy wires have incomparable performance with ordinary steel core aluminum stranded wires, aluminum alloy wires have been widely used internationally. Because the equipment and technology are not good enough, the promotion and use of aluminum alloy wires are seriously affected. The concentrated performance is that the wire is locally brittle and has poor bending performance. The main reason is that the magnesium element in the aluminum alloy liquid changes the dissolution rate of hydrogen in the liquid aluminum, improves the solubility of hydrogen, and makes the aluminum alloy liquid more hydrogen content. Ordinary molten aluminum is much higher. If the hydrogen and impurities in the aluminum alloy liquid are not removed, the mechanical properties such as bending and torsion of the aluminum alloy wire will hardly meet the quality requirements. Large aluminum processing industries and manufacturers of aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy wires have installed degassing equipment on aluminum casting and rolling production lines to reduce the hydrogen content of aluminum alloy liquid to below 0.12mg/100mL, and the performance of alloy wires has been To meet engineering needs, alloy wires can be widely used. Therefore, it is particularly important to develop efficient and stable degassing devices. A new type of aluminum degassing device is introduced below.

Aluminum Degassing Device

Aluminum Degassing Device Structure

The equipment consists of a degassing box, agitator (degassing rotor), electric heater, control system and other parts. The degassing box is composed of a steel shell, a refractory casting material lining, an aluminum liquid inlet and outlet trough, a small door for slagging, and a discharge device. The plates are separated and communicated at the bottom of the partition. The agitator consists of a rotor drive system, a rotor and a rotor lifting system. The rotor is driven by a variable frequency motor with stepless speed change, a rotating nozzle system, equipped with a graphite rotor made of high-purity graphite, and an electric heater is an immersion electric heater. The control system includes a nitrogen control system, heating control system, and electrical control system.

The quality comparison of Alcan Aluminium before and after using the Aluminum Degassing Device shows that the finished product rate of the finished aluminum sheet is 85% before the input, and the finished product rate after the input is increased to 97.6%. And the hydrogen content of the aluminum liquid using this equipment is measured by a hydrogen meter to drop below 0.10 ml/100g. The Korean aluminum plant uses our degassing unit to manufacture aluminum wire, and the scrap rate is significantly reduced. Production practice shows that the online degassing equipment basically eliminates the defects related to the gas contained in the molten aluminum.

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