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Aluminum Granular Fluxes

Aluminum Granular Fluxes

AdTech has developed aluminum granular fluxes. Granular Fluxes have the best impurity removal and purification treatment effect, and show the minimum value in the environmental impact factors of various evaluation indicators of environmental load (aluminum net yield, aluminum content in slag, and waste discharge). AdTech granular refining flux has the best purification effect, the least loss of raw materials, and less pollution to the environment.

In the process of aluminum alloy smelting, exhaust gas is the main link that causes environmental pollution. When the flux is heated, it will decompose and volatilize harmful gases such as Cl, F, etc. It is extremely toxic and can cause serious harm to the human body and equipment. In addition, the SiF4 released by the addition of certain fluorides, the smoke and dust released during the smelting process, etc., if directly discharged into the atmosphere, will cause serious pollution to the surrounding environment, which does not meet the requirements of green and clean production.

Although a large amount of research has been conducted on the purification treatment technology of aluminum melt at home and abroad, the traditional refining and degassing has certain limitations, the efficiency of hydrogen removal is limited, and the impurity removal effect is not obvious. Therefore, people have been looking for a flux purification technology that does not pollute the environment, can effectively remove inclusions and hydrogen in the aluminum melt, has a low cost, and is easy to operate, and a green melt purification technology with a low environmental load.

AdTech Aluminum Granular Fluxes Advantage

1.Smokeless refining, zero emissions of fluoride, fully meet the emission standards set for environmental air pollution.

2.Low dosage, could control the chemical reactions of burning. Compared with traditional powder, it saves you 12 yuan/ton in cost.

3.Effectively remove the alkali metals(Na、Ca、Li)and non-metallic inclusions. The alkali metal removal rate is 40%-70%. Can effectively avoid the safety risk of using chlorine directly in the furnace.

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