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Aluminum Ingot Casting Process

Aluminum Ingot Casting Process

When the casting speed and cooling water volume (water pressure) both reach the normal value of casting, Aluminum Ingot Casting Process begins to enter a stable stage. At this stage, the casting speed and cooling water volume (water pressure) all reach the maximum, and the casting temperature can be 5°C to 10°C lower than the starting temperature.

The precautions for the Aluminum Ingot Casting Process are as follows:

(1) For 6063 aluminum alloy, it is generally ensured that the temperature at the entrance of the casting platform is between 690°C and 710°C. If the casting platform has a good heat preservation effect, the inlet temperature can be kept at the lower limit, otherwise, it can be kept at the upper limit.

(2) During this process, the surface condition of the ingot should be observed frequently. In addition to waste products, serious accidents such as leaks and explosions will also occur.

(3) Keep the liquid level stable. The liquid level is unstable. In addition to affecting the surface quality of the ingot, it can also cause molten aluminum to overflow or underfill in severe cases, leading to explosions or other vicious accidents.

(4) Pay attention to the aluminum leakage or plugging that occurred at the beginning, so as to avoid leakage again and cause danger.

(5) According to the casting length and the remaining aluminum liquid in the launder, determine the time for the standing furnace to stop tipping or block the furnace hole, so as to avoid the length of the casting ingot being too long, causing waste or difficulty in lifting the ingot from the shaft.

After casting to the required length, Aluminum Ingot Casting Process enters the end stage. At this time, the casting speed gradually drops to zero, and the amount of cooling water (water pressure) is gradually reduced to the same as the amount of water (water pressure) at the beginning of casting, and the furnace returns to the initial state, or the furnace eye is completely blocked.

Make sure that all the ingots are separated from the mold and avoid hanging in the draft tube, otherwise, it will be difficult to clean up.

At the end of casting, ensure that the cooling water runs for another 10 min to 15 min to ensure that the ingot is completely solidified, and reduce the temperature of the mold and the casting platform to extend the life of the mold, the casting platform and the casting graphite ring.

Before discharging the remaining aluminum liquid in the platform, casting launder, and degassing filter box, make sure that the aluminum container is dry. If necessary, bake it in advance to avoid explosion. It is necessary to clean up the residual aluminum liquid in the casting platform, launder, filter box, etc. in time to avoid difficulty in cleaning after solidification, which will damage the launder and filter box in severe cases.

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