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Aluminum Rod Casting Process

Aluminum Rod Casting Process

Aluminum Rod Casting Process: The aluminum water flow trough and the distributing plate should be lined with refractory material in advance, coated with a layer of talcum powder and baked (including the duct and the adapter plate), and the mold should be repaired and smooth to ensure that the graphite is broken 1/3- The height between 1/2 height is smooth and uniform, no iron is allowed to be exposed in any part in contact with the melt, and the graphite ring is coated with lard. After the above work is completed, the starter head is blown dry, the casting table is leveled, and the starter head is raised to the specified position.

The top of the starter head of the cast rod with a diameter of more than 152mm is 3mm from the lower end of the graphite ring.

The top of the starter of the cast rod with a diameter of less than 152mm is 0-3mm from the lower end of the graphite ring.

Install the ceramic foam filter on the CFFfiltering box, and prepare part of the ceramic fiber plugs to be placed on the casting table and put a dry aluminum water bucket under the emergency aluminum water outlet of the launder for use, and try four winches The wire rope ensures that the strength is basically the same.

The casting temperature of common alloys is 690-730 degrees Celsius, (the temperature measurement point is in the center of the shunt plate), and the casting speed is 50-180mm/min.

After the metal alloy composition is qualified, start to stand. After standing for 10 minutes, the ceramic filter plate is baked. After the standing time reaches the aluminum rod casting process requirement, the casting starts, and the wire feeder switch is turned on at the same time.

Aluminum Rod Casting Process

Close the main water valve, open the drain valve, and start the water pump. Before turning on the water pump, the pressure reducing and draining valve must be opened until the aluminum liquid is completely filled with the pipe before it can be closed, so as to avoid “reverse water” causing disk explosion. Give the initial water volume (open the main water valve in 2 small compartments), check whether there is water back phenomenon, and whether there is water in the starter head, after confirming that everything is normal, open the spout plug and enter the aluminum water into the launder, and pay attention to whether the aluminum water can be Pass the filter plate smoothly.

When the aluminum water rises to about 20mm from the top of the runner, lift the water baffle plate to let the aluminum water flow into the shunt plate and start timing. When the aluminum water is completely filled with the pipe (hot cap), open the main water valve and quickly close the drain valve ( Since the required water volume of cast rods of different materials and diameters is different, it takes certain experience to open the main water valve at which tooth position). Generally, the main water valve can be opened completely, and the drain valve may not be closed completely. Adjust to within the normal range.

When the filling time of the splitter plate reaches the timing time, immediately start the governor to stop and adjust to the standard speed, so that the water pressure of the cooling water, the descending speed of the casting rod and the aluminum temperature are coordinated with each other to ensure that the aluminum rod is formed well.

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