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Refining and Degassing

Refining and Degassing

The refining and degassing temperature is between 720-750℃.

The amount of refining agent is calculated according to 0.1%-0.2% of the total mass of the aluminum melt. Put it into the refining tank, turn on the switch of the powder sprayer, and let in nitrogen gas. When the refining pipe is sprayed out, you can insert it 3/4 of the molten aluminum in the furnace moves slowly. Strive for stability, leave no dead corners, and are not allowed to touch the bottom of the furnace. The height of the spray is controlled below 15mm and the time is controlled above 15 minutes.

Refining, degassing, and slagging, let it stand for 20-30 minutes before putting molten aluminum for casting.

After the aluminum slag is pulled out from the furnace, it should be quickly transferred to the frying slag pot, and the slagging agent should be sprinkled on the aluminum slag according to the usage amount of 1-2 kg of the slagging agent per furnace, and the slagging should be performed immediately, To separate the metal from the aluminum slag, pour aluminum water into the cast iron mold, and solidify into aluminum ingots for use.

When refining, turn off the oil gun of the burner and stop heating.

In continuous production, after filling a furnace of molten aluminum, the aluminum tap is blocked, and the melting process of lower furnace is carried out.

If the refining and degassing effect is not better, Adtech offers online degassing unit and ceramic foam filter filtering system for purifying molten aluminum.

Online Purification

Online degassing unit is mainly used for the hydrogen (H) and slags removal from molten aluminum. It takes gas flotation principle. The rotor takes inert gas or mixture of chlorine and inert gas into molten aluminum and smash the gas into dispersed tiny bubbles, the bubbles rise to the molten aluminum surface and finish the impurities removal at the same time. CFF filtering system is used for the filtering and purifying of the molten aluminum, matching with the ceramic foam filter. It can filter the inclusions and tiny particles in the molten aluminum.

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