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Aluminum Slab Bending Analysis

Aluminum Slab Bending

There are two main causes of aluminum slab slow bending:

(1) The dummy bar head of the flat ingot is not placed smoothly, and the two opposite large surfaces or sides are not on the same horizontal plane when contacting with the base, showing a situation of one side high and one side low.

(2) During the casting process, due to the sediment and other impurities in the cooling water will block the water hole of the mold water jacket, resulting in the difference of cooling strength between the two large faces or two sides of the flat ingot. The side with high cooling strength solidifies first, and the side with low cooling strength solidifies later. Under the action of casting stress and its own gravity, the flat ingot will bend slightly to the side with low cooling strength. With the casting process going on, the length of the flat ingot gradually increases, and this kind of small bending gradually accumulates and appears, thus forming a slow and chronic bending.

There are three causes for the aluminum alloy slab displacement bending:

(1) The dummy bar head of the flat ingot is not placed smoothly, and the bottom contact with the base is not complete, and there is a gap.

(2) The contact area between the bottom of flat ingot and dummy head is small. The dummy head of the flat ingot is rectangular with a flat bottom. When the molten aluminum is cooled and solidified at the dummy head, the central part solidifies first and then flows to the surrounding area. Because the solidification is completed in a short time and affected by the metal fluidity and the gas produced by the cooling water, it is impossible for the liquid aluminum to fully fill the dummy head after solidification shrinkage. Therefore, the bottom shape of the flat ingot is arc-shaped.
(3) Aluminum leakage occurs at the middle part of the bottom of the flat ingot during the backing operation. When casting the flat ingot, the first step is to make the bottom. If the bottom is well made, the possibility of bending the flat ingot will be less.

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