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Aluminum Slag Remover Flux

Aluminum Slag Remover Flux

At the melting temperature, the aluminum slag remover flux is in full contact with the molten slag on the surface of the molten aluminum, so as to promote the separation of the slag and aluminum and reduce the loss of aluminum. It has the effect of removing the oxide inclusions (Al2O3) in the molten aluminum. Deslagging flux is suitable for the melting of various aluminum and its alloys.

Aluminum Slag Remover Flux Features

  • The treated slag is dry and loose and easy to remove.
  • Increase the actual yield of aluminum and increase economic benefits.
  • During the smelting process, the molten aluminum is not easy to stick to the furnace wall and is easy to clean.
  • Powder; the miscellaneous aluminum is separated well, the slag is loose and dry and easy to remove.
  • Non-toxic, pollution-free, and environmentally friendly products.

How to Use Aluminum Slag Remover Flux

When the separation performance between molten slag and molten aluminum is poor, evenly sprinkle the slag cleaning agent on the surface of the molten aluminum, and gently agitate (or move) the aluminum slag to make the flux and the oxidized slag fully act for 3-5 minutes, and then pick it up.

Aluminum Slag Remover Flux

Storage: placed in a dry place to prevent moisture. If it gets wet, dry it before use.

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