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Aluminum Slagging Agent

Aluminum Slagging Agent

Aluminum slagging agent, also known as drossing flux, is a mixture that separates molten metal from oxides. It is mainly used for removing slag before aluminum casting and die-casting aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy. It can also be used for removing slag from crude aluminum and secondary aluminum, so as to fully recover valuable and effective metals and increase the direct yield of products. The slagging agent can reduce slag rate and costs.

Advantages of Aluminum Slagging Agent Products

1. AdTech slagging agent adopts the principle of metal-liquid compound to develop and configure products, reducing smoke, reducing burn damage, and environmentally friendly and economical;
2. Slagging agent has a moderate melting point, good fluidity, and a small amount of molten metal per ton (1.0-2.0kg);
3. It has a significant effect in separating aluminum and slag, which greatly reduces the amount of molten aluminum carried out during slagging.

The aluminum slagging flux can change the surface and interfacial tension between the aluminum metal melt and the slag body, reduce the bonding force between the melt and the slag body, effectively separate the metal and the slag, and improve the utilization rate of the metal. After the aluminum slagging agent is added to the molten metal, it can escape a large number of bubbles and have a certain stirring effect on the melt, and fully pull the entrained and adsorbed slag in the molten metal to the surface of the molten metal, which is conducive to complete slag removal. The aluminum drossing flux has the ability to absorb and dissolve the slag, which can fully purify the metal melt and reduce the pollution of the slag to the metal.

The aluminum slagging agent is composed of sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium fluoride, and aluminum trichloride with the following components, and a certain proportion is used as the weight ratio. Efficient slag remover can be used in ladle, tundish, and electric furnaces. After being evenly spread on the molten surface by a spray gun, it can quickly accumulate into a slag that is easy to separate from the metal solution with a little agitation. The pure solution can be obtained by removing the slag to avoid slag inclusion in the casting.

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