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Low Carbon Aluminum

Low Carbon Aluminum

Aluminum is one of the most popular metals because of its light weight, ductility, corrosion resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity, economy and recyclability. The threat of climate change, as well as increasing attention to a carbon-neutral world and the implementation of a circular economy, have changed the way the aluminum industry now operates. Low carbon aluminum is also emerging as a parallel market for commercial products.

Despite the many challenges, innovative technologies have supported the industry to meet these challenges. In the past two decades, sustainability benchmarks in the aluminum industry have improved significantly. The pressure to redesign the production process according to social climate goals has opened the door for aluminum producers and manufacturers and related industries to explore new technologies.

The concept of low carbon aluminum is mainly based on direct and indirect emissions from the electrolysis process. However, the current direct and indirect carbon dioxide equivalent emissions of all green aluminum brands are within 4 tons. The reduction in CO2 emissions is achieved through the combined use of hydropower and inert anode and cathode technologies.

The pressure to produce low-carbon aluminum has also forced traditional aluminum producers to re-adjust their strategies. For example, China Hongqiao Group, one of the world’s largest aluminum producers, plans to transfer about one-third of its aluminum production capacity from Shandong Province to Yunnan Province, which is rich in hydropower resources, to produce more environmentally friendly aluminum.

So far, the sun is still the most powerful energy source in the world, so solar energy is the next large renewable energy source worth investing in. With more and more limited options for developing hydropower, aluminum producers are exploring the potential of solar energy and using it as a fuel source. Middle Eastern countries are rediscovering the power of the sun and exploring the use of solar energy as a source of fuel.

We serve the aluminum industry and provide assistance for their sustainable development. The degassing filter equipment developed by our company can effectively reduce the gas and inclusions in the molten aluminum.

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