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Boron Nitride Coating Application

Boron Nitride Coating Application

The advanced ceramic boron nitride coating is an easy-to-use and widely used product. It has excellent lubricating properties, non-wetting properties, and good high-temperature stability. Even at extremely high temperatures, boron nitride can still maintain its lubricity and inertness. The use of boron nitride coating can prevent adhesion, thereby extending the life of the die/mold, improving the surface finish of the product, and shortening the production time. The boron nitride coating application in the injection molding process can improve the demolding effect and increase the production rate, thereby benefiting plastic and elastomer injection molding manufacturers.

Boron Nitride Coating Application

During metal melting and metal forming operations, boron nitride coating can be applied to the surface of the mold in contact with hot or molten metal. It can prevent corrosion, avoid chemical attack, make demolding easier, and make the mold/die longer service life. It can be used in casting, stamping, forging and powder metallurgy fields.

Boron nitride coatings can improve production efficiency in a wide range of industrial production fields. Boron nitride has high-temperature lubricating properties and is an ideal material during glass processing. It helps to minimize the surface defects of glass products, make it easier to demold, increase the service life of molds/pressing molds, and reduce molds. Time required for cleaning. Most glasses will not bond with boron nitride.

The sintering of metal and ceramic powders is usually carried out on a graphite plate. After coating a layer of boron nitride on the graphite plate, it can obviously eliminate the pollution, reaction and adhesion of carbon to the sintered parts that may occur at the sintering temperature.

Boron nitride is also suitable for welding and furnace brazing processes. It can protect the surface of the workpiece from the splash of welding slag and provide excellent welding protection. The boron nitride coating can also protect the surface of the welding nozzle of metal wire inert gas shielded welding and metal active gas welding from the splashing of welding slag.

Boron Nitride Coating Application

How to Use Boron Nitride Paint

Boron nitride coatings can be applied to both hot and cold surfaces. After the coating is dried, it can be treated, smoothed, and polished with a dry soft cotton cloth.

Brushing method: It is recommended to gently stir the paint before use. If it needs to be diluted, dilute with distilled water.

Spraying method: Use Bink No. 7 spray gun, or similar spray gun with a pressure of 50~60 psi (0.35-0.42MPa). Stir the paint before spraying. When dilution is needed, dilute with distilled water.

Dip coating method: When dilution is needed, dilute with distilled water. Between two dip coats, it is necessary to dry at 80°C for 40 minutes.

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