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Box Type Degassing Device

Box Type Degassing Device

The box type online degassing device is installed close to the launder. The launder is designed with an aluminum liquid inlet and an outlet. As an independent online uninterrupted degassing device, it is suitable for the continuous flow of aluminum liquid from 10 to 45 tons per hour. Used for casting or semi-continuous casting aluminum melting furnace.

Through the rotating graphite rod and rotor, the set inert gas is injected into the molten aluminum. The rotor breaks up the inert gas entering the molten aluminum into small bubbles, which are evenly dispersed in the molten aluminum. These small inert gas bubbles are captured in molten aluminum. The hydrogen and other non-metallic impurities in the inert gas float to the surface of the aluminum liquid along with the small bubbles of inert gas to achieve the effect of removing hydrogen.

The Box Type Degassing Device includes two internal chambers, a clean room, and a heating and holding room.

The middle is separated by a SiC separator.

After degassing and slag removal in the clean room, the aluminum alloy liquid flows into the insulation chamber from below the partition. The U-shaped silicon-carbon sheath and the silicon carbide protective tube immersed in the aluminum alloy liquid are used to heat the insulation chamber.

The degassing box shell is made of 10mm steel plate, and the inner lining is made of refractory material.

The heater is convenient to directly conduct and carry the immersed flow of the processed aluminum alloy liquid.

According to our company’s recommendation, there is a slag discharge door at the lower part of the two side walls of the box.

The slag removal in the cavity is completed without activating the cover, which prolongs the service life of the inner cavity of the box, and at the same time improves the thermal insulation performance of the box and increases the heat loss.

The reduction and thermal compensation of the heating furnace fully meet the temperature requirements of the production process. The box has good air tightness, which can prevent air from entering the box and avoid secondary pollution of aluminum alloy liquid.

Equipped with a hydraulic tipping bucket device, it can be completely unloaded after the casting work is completed or the alloy is replaced, and the box can be completely emptied. There is no need to energize the heater for a long time to maintain heat, and the power consumption can be relatively reduced.

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