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Box-type Degassing Equipment

Box-type Degassing Equipment

AdTech Box-type online degassing equipment is a high-end online degassing equipment, the equipment adopts PLC and touch screen control, with hydraulic lifting, hydraulic rotation, automatic degassing, aluminum liquid heating and temperature control functions.

The box-type online degassing equipment is installed close to the casting launder. The launder is designed with molten aluminum inlet and outlet. As an independent online uninterrupted degassing equipment, it is suitable for the continuous flow of molten aluminum from 10 to 45 tons per hour. Used for casting or semi-continuous casting aluminum melting furnace.

Box-type Degassing Equipment Degassing Principle

Through the rotating graphite rod and rotor, the set inert gas is injected into the molten aluminum. The rotor breaks up the inert gas entering the molten aluminum into small bubbles, which are evenly dispersed in the molten aluminum. These small inert gas bubbles are captured in the molten aluminum. The hydrogen and other non-metal impurities in the air float to the surface of the aluminum liquid along with the small bubbles of inert gas to achieve the effect of removing hydrogen.

Box-type Degassing Equipment

Technical Parameters of Box-type Online Degassing Equipment

  1. Number of rotors: 1 to 3 rotors are available, each rotor is equipped with a set of electric heating device, and each rotor and electric heating device are independently controllable.
  2. Degassing object: the hydrogen in the flowing aluminum liquid in the launder or degassing box.
  3. Electric heater power: each set of 20kW immersion electric heaters ensures the accuracy of temperature control of aluminum liquid ±2℃. Multi-heater design, each heater can independently control heating temperature and heating speed. The heater protection sleeve is made of silicon carbide material, and the heating element is a silicon carbide rod heater. The heater current is digitally displayed in real time, and the heater heats and keeps the molten aluminum and bake the furnace body when the furnace is empty, and the temperature can be automatically controlled. Real-time digital display of molten aluminum temperature.
  4. Maximum processing capacity of molten aluminum: a single rotor can handle 30 tons/hour of molten aluminum.
  5. Design a special built-in molten aluminum inlet and outlet to ensure that the molten aluminum in the furnace is in a sealed state. The tilting type degassing box can also be designed to avoid residual aluminum and reduce waste.
  6. Degassing speed: 0~600 rpm, digital display speed is adjustable, each rotor can be controlled independently.
  7. Degassing medium: industrial dry nitrogen or argon with a purity of 99.996% or more, the gas flow rate of each rotor is 0.25~4Nm³/h adjustable; the gas input pressure is 0.4~0.6MPa (when it is lower than 0.2MPa, it will automatically alarm and prompt to replace the gas source);
  8. Degassing effect: Calculated according to each rotor, the inlet flow rate is not more than 15t/h, and the inlet hydrogen content is not more than 0.074cc/100g.
  9. When a failure occurs, it will automatically alarm, and the indicator light will flash to remind the operator.

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