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Refractory Launder System

Refractory Launder System

The metal entering the casting machine must be free of inclusions, and the surface quality of the launder will affect the risk of refractory pieces being included in the metal stream. For many years, Adtech has been manufacturing high-quality refractory launder system. By spending a lot of time and energy on research and development, Adtech has developed molding and casting technology to give the launder an unparalleled surface.

The refractory launder system is mainly composed of the inner lining, insulation layer, support system, upper cover, and seals. Adtech also provides a series of supporting products for the launder: aluminum liquid flow control system, filtration system, launder gate, protective coating, etc.

The molten metal is transferred from the holding furnace to the casting machine through the assembly line. If the launder is not covered and heated, the metal will cool as it flows through the length of the launder. Because the casting machine requires metal at a specific temperature, the operating temperature of the furnace is related to the thermal efficiency of the assembly line. Therefore, a thermally efficient washing line that allows a lower operating temperature in the furnace generally results in energy savings and reduced hydrogen absorption in the molten aluminum.

When the launder is not fully preheated, heat will be absorbed from the molten metal until the launder reaches equilibrium. This usually results in the first metal in each casting being drained into the pot until the temperature stabilizes, and the metal can be redirected into the casting machine. The preheating temperature and thermal efficiency of the assembly line will affect the metal loss of each casting and the time required before the system reaches equilibrium.

Refractory Launder System

The molten aluminum flows in the ordinary casting launder, and the temperature drop is generally 2-3°C per meter. However, by optimizing the lining cross-section design, material, insulation layer and personalized auxiliary configuration, heat loss can be effectively reduced, reaching a temperature drop of about 1°C per meter, and the energy saving benefits are very considerable. The launder is resistant to wear, heat shock, corrosion, erosion, corrosion, high heat preservation, and smooth surface. It is a wise choice for high-end aluminum processing manufacturers to cast launders and distribution launders.

In addition, Adtech’s professional molding technology can reduce the stress on the runner during the deformation process. This reduces the occurrence of microcracks and allows the launder to maintain its maximum resistance to mechanical and thermal shock.

Adtech will cast the sink in a variety of different materials according to specific operating conditions. According to the requirements of different regions, different materials can even be used in the same installation.

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