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Cast Ceramic Foam Filters

Cast Ceramic Foam Filters

Cast ceramic foam filters use good portiforium foam and high purity ceramic as raw material, can effectively remove non-metallic solid mixture of molten aluminum and molten aluminum alloy in your industry of aluminum casting.

Advantages of cast ceramic foam filters: high porosity, proper sintering, high anti-bending and anti-compression strength, efficient filtering.

Foundry ceramic foam filter is widely applied to aluminum fusion filter equipment of continuous casting, semi-continuous casting, gravity casting and low pressure casting.

Ceramic foam filters for casting are different in aperture specification 20-60 PPI, with different sizes and shapes.

Ceramic foam filters for casting have just been developed as a new type of molten metal filter to reduce casting defects in recent years. It is made from high quality ceramic materials, the main components of which are Al2O3, Sic, ZrO2, MgO, etc.

The ceramic foam filter has the following characteristics: light weight, high mechanical strength, large specific areas, high porosity, excellent thermal shock resistance corrosion resistance and high temperature stability in molten metal. With the distribution pore network structure, they are able to increase the areas and absorb the sintering, the liquid metal becomes purer, the waste quality problems such as sand pores and air pores are much less and the quality of the cast becomes much better.

Foundry ceramic foam filters are an advanced product for secondary refining. It has a network of the porous structure. With the continuous deposition of fluid inclusions, the mesh and channel size becomes smaller and smaller, which improves the filtering effect. In addition, the filter plate is very strong and can withstand a certain pressure of liquid metal and the impact of metal flow, but it is also fragile. The filtering effect is excellent due to its sophisticated structure, uniform quality and large surface area.

Application of ceramic foam filters for casting
High porosity, heat and impact resistance, high intensity, high specific surface area and good stability, sieving, slag capture and implantation. Besides filtering molten metal at high temperature, our products can be used to process high temperature gas, catalyst substrate, solid heat exchanger, special packaging, etc.

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