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Casting Aluminum Filter

Casting Aluminum Filter

Casting Aluminum Filter removes the inclusions in the aluminum alloy melt. Inclusions and gases in the metal have a significant impact on the strength, corrosion resistance and stress corrosion cracking performance of the material. Effectively controlling the oxidized inclusions in the melt and improving the quality of cast rods and rolled plates have become a common goal pursued by the metallurgical, casting and material industries of various countries. Its pore size ranges from nanometers to micrometers.

Porous ceramic body with high porosity and three-dimensional grid structure. The porosity is between 20% and 95%. It is shaped like tempered foam or porcelain. Sponge, the use temperature is from room temperature to 1600°C.

Casting Aluminum Filter

Casting Aluminum Filter Advantages

  • High dimensional accuracy, high mechanical strength, stable chemical composition
  • Anti-corrosion, phosphorus-free, environmentally friendly purification of molten aluminum and its alloys, improve the quality of aluminum materials, reduce defects, reduce the rate of defective products, reduce costs, and improve production efficiency.
  • Easy to use, flexible size from 40mm to 600mm, to meet different aluminum water flow.

China is a major producer of aluminum products. The output of aluminum products has always been the world’s largest, but mainly low-end products. With the continuous expansion of market demand, aluminum products must move to high-end. The use of ceramic foam filter plates can improve the quality of aluminum products, improve product quality, and meet the requirements of the high-end market. Therefore, filter plates are required.

It needs to be particularly pointed out that to prevent the secondary pollution of the melt that may occur during the solidification and molding process of the aluminum liquid after leaving the filter box.

In this process, the use of long-life, high-strength, non-stick aluminum, good thermal insulation fused silicon ceramic sintering tank, front box, switchboard, and thermal cover, and timely dehumidification and cleaning to eliminate possible pollution sources.

The Casting Aluminum Filter is the last process in the purification treatment of aluminum melt. Ensuring the cleanliness of the aluminum melt cannot be ignored.

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