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Ceramic Filters Manufacturer

Ceramic Filters Manufacturer

The Ceramic Filters Manufacturer AdTech company specializes in the production and sales of degassing, filtration and refractory materials used in aluminum casting, metallurgy and other industries.

The on-line degreasing device has a reasonable design structure. The hydrogen cleaning efficiency is stable at 60% ~ 80%.

The ceramic foam filter is made of Al2O3 molten material sintered at high temperature. With high strength and super adsorption performance, it can effectively filter micron inclusions in molten aluminum.

Hot top castings are made of refractory materials, with high strength, aluminum removal and long service life.

The roll casting nozzle is integrally formed with nano-natural fiber composite material, which has high precision and is not easy to be carbonized and deformed.

Ceramic Filters Manufacturer AdTech offers metallurgical materials casting aluminum ingots and aluminum rods.

Ceramic Filters Manufacturer

Ceramic filters for foundry have been widely used at home and abroad, saving production costs. In order to achieve the best filtration treatment process, it is very important to configure the filter reasonably.

Gently place the Casthouse Cff Filter into the Casthouse. The CFF Casthouse should be thoroughly cleaned before using the molten aluminum filter to prevent the residual aluminum liquid from being submerged. The size of the ceramic foam filter plate used in the aluminum plant should match the filter box, and the matching gap between the two should be as small as possible. After the aluminum liquid filter is used repeatedly, the filter plate will be deformed, the force of the filter plate will be uneven, and the filter plate will often break suddenly during the filtering process. Therefore, when the Casthouse is deformed, it should be replaced immediately.

The current market demand for high-grade aluminum alloys is increasing, and end customers have higher and higher quality requirements. In general, the demand for high-grade aluminum alloys is developing in the direction of thin-walled, high-strength, and easy processing. Such cast aluminum alloys have increasingly higher requirements for the purity of molten aluminum.

Currently, the most commonly used filtration technology is ceramic foam filtration technology. The filtering effect of this technology increases as the porosity of the filter plate increases. Even so, its filtering effect is still far behind the deep bed filter.

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