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Casting and Rolling Shutdowns

Casting and Rolling Shutdowns

Normal casting and rolling shutdowns are prepared shutdowns due to production needs, due to sufficient time and good operating conditions. The shutdown process is as follows

  • Close the flow eye and stop the flow.
  • The coiling trolley is lifted to the pressing roller against the cast-rolled coil.
  • Speed ​​reduction of rolling mill.
  • When the molten aluminum in the casting launder is about to dry, stop spraying, put the launder dry, clean the front box, launder, and standpipe, remove the floats, and stop casting when the molten aluminum is placed.
  • Raise the upper roller slightly to allow the coiling tension to take the plate away, and at the same time retreat the supporting trolley, and remove the feed nozzle.
  • Stop coiling and turn off the cooling water.
  • Cut the tail of the plate and take up the strip.
  • Clean the roller surface, spray system, etc.

Casting and Rolling Shutdowns

Accident of Casting and Rolling Shutdowns

Shutdown caused by aluminum leakage, edge ears being rolled, casting cavity clogging, roll sticking, tripping, or power failure during the casting and rolling process.

  • Stop casting and rolling, turn off the circulating water, stop spraying, and lift the upper roller.
  • Close the flow eye, dry and clean the flow trough, the residual aluminum in the front box in time, and remove the float.
  • Back up the support trolley and remove the feed nozzle.
  • The roll of the coiler trolley supports the cast-rolled coil and shears the strip.
  • Clean the roller surface and other equipment.

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