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Casting Filter

Casting Filter

The aluminum casting factory has been seeking the best casting filter technology in the market, so as to produce the best quality aluminum ingot, aluminum round bar, or aluminum strip for its customers. Our guarantee is not limited to customers, but will continue to provide customers with quality products! Our casting filters ensure the production of high quality cast aluminum for aluminum casting plants.

In the modern aluminum melt purification process, casting filters filtration is the last purification process close to the casting terminal. Before that, 6 ~ 80% of inclusions and gases have been removed through flux refining in furnace, medium and non-media adsorption, but finer inclusions (generally < 15m in particle size) are distributed in the melt (including secondary inclusions produced by chute and tundish). In order to obtain high-performance aluminum products, these fine inclusions must be gathered and separated by adsorption. Compared with other purification methods, CFF filtration method has become the preferred process for terminal purification of aluminum melt due to its low energy consumption, convenient operation, high impurity removal efficiency and less secondary pollution.

Casting Filter Application

1. Improve mechanical properties

2. Reduce the signs of dye penetration

3. Reduce rework/scrap;

4. Improve the treatment performance.

Casting Filter

The casting filter removes the inclusions generated between the refining system and the mold table. The ability of ceramic foam filters to capture these inclusions is crucial for keeping clean ingots during metal solidification. As a result, the quality and productivity of downstream operations such as forging, extrusion and rolling are guaranteed.

The  is also known as aluminum foam filter, ceramic foam filter, ceramic filter plate, porous aluminum sheet, alumina ceramic foam filter, alumina foam filter, molten metal filter.

Adtech casting filters can effectively remove large impurities from molten aluminum and effectively absorb small impurities, according to Norwegian aluminum. The product is recommended to other aluminum foundries in Norway. The factory workshop gave the following feedback:

1. No debris, effectively reduce aluminum liquid pollution.

2. The excellent thermal shock resistance improves the erosion resistance of molten metal.

3. Improve the surface appearance and performance and purify the molten aluminum.

Ceramic Foam Filter can filter solid inclusions and separate part of liquid Inclusions. Its advantages are high porosity, high filtration efficiency, easy replacement, low cost, and strong adaptability. The disadvantage is that the high temperature strength is low, the life is short, and the amount of filtration is small.

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