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Casting Rolling Nozzle

Casting Rolling Nozzle

The casting rolling nozzle includes a narrow inlet at the rear and a wider outlet at the front. There is a partition block in the material channel between the inlet and the outlet to separate the material channel into two parts side by side. The rear section of the dividing block protrudes backward from the feed opening, and its horizontal cross-section is in the shape of a circular arc. The middle section of the dividing block is located in the material channel, and its horizontal cross-section is triangular. The front section of the partition block extends forward from the material channel, and extends out of the discharge port at the front end, and its horizontal section is straight.

A partition block is arranged in the casting nozzle, so that two casting and rolling billets with narrow width can be produced simultaneously on the same casting and rolling equipment, which improves the utilization rate of the equipment and reduces the manufacturing cost. At the same time, the shape of the partition block can make the material enter the roll smoothly, which ensures the reliability of production operation.

Casting Rolling Nozzle

Casting Rolling Nozzle Performance

1. Made from nano-scale fibrous composite materials, its particle size distribute uniform, produce by the precision equipment and appropriate density and rigidity, and stable size.

2. It brushes specialized coating on the key parts of caster tip. It has advantages of no peeling and non-stick molten aluminum and good erosion resistance.

3. The internal structure is designed with a reasonable and symmetrical runner to meet the fluid dynamics requirements of aluminum liquid.

4. Good heat insulation in order to effective control the constant temperature during aluminium casting. It is the best choice for producing high quality aluminum foil stock.

5. Few deforming, easy to adjust the roll gap, effectively reduce white strip and dark line problems and improve smooth surface of aluminium foil.

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