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Ceramic Foam Filter for Jsc Aluminium

Ceramic Foam Filter for Jsc Aluminium

Ceramic foam filter for Jsc Aluminium can effectively remove large inclusions in molten aluminum, absorb fine particles of micron inclusions, improve surface quality, improve product characteristics, improve microstructure, and increase product yield.

Ceramic Foam Filter Manufacturing Process

The ceramic foam filter adopts a three-dimensional network structure, takes the organic foam sponge bonded on the pores as a carrier, is embedded in a special ceramic slurry with thixotropy, and uses a special roll extrusion process to evenly spread the ceramic slurry On the surface. Carrier frame.

The porous polyurethane foam filter uses polyurethane foam as a carrier and immerses it in a coating composed of ceramic powder, binder, sintering agent, suspending agent, etc., and then extrudes the excess coating to coat the ceramic coating evenly. On the carrier.
The skeleton becomes a green body, and the green body is dried and fired at a high temperature.

Instructions for using Ceramic foam filter for Jsc Aluminium

1. Check and clean up the debris on the surface of the filter housing to keep it clean and undamaged.
2. Carefully put the filter plate into the filter box, and press the gasket around the Ceramic filter plate with your hands to prevent the aluminum liquid from overflowing or floating. Preheat the filter box and the filter plate evenly to make it close to the temperature of the molten aluminum. The preheating temperature of the filter plate is at least 260°C. Preheating to remove the adsorbed water helps to promote the opening of the initial filter holes at this time, and prevents heat growth and shrinkage from clogging some holes on the filter plate. The preheating can be electric or gas, and the general heating time is 15-30 minutes.
4. Pay attention to the change of the molten aluminum head during casting, and keep the flow of molten aluminum normal. The normal initial head is 100-150 mm. When the liquid starts to flow, the water head will drop below 75-100 mm, and then the water head will slowly increase.
5. During the normal filtration process, the filter plate should be protected from shock and vibration. At the same time, the launder must be filled with molten aluminum to avoid too much or too little disturbance of the molten aluminum.
6. After the filtration is completed, remove the filter plate in time and clean the filter box.

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