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Ceramic Foam Filter Spain Aluminum

Ceramic Foam Filter Spain Aluminum

Ceramic Foam Filter Spain Aluminum is made of non-stick aluminum material and the product is white. It is suitable for the purification process of producing high-quality and demanding aluminum and aluminum alloy. It can filter non-metallic slag and micron-level slag, making the surface of castings smoother.

Through physical adsorption and chemical action, it can effectively remove various oxidized inclusions generated in the aluminum smelting process, thereby reducing casting defects and improving casting quality.

Ceramic Foam Filter is suitable for purification and filtration of high temperature aluminum and aluminum alloy solutions, the filter can make the aluminum liquid fill the cavity more uniformly.

Ceramic Foam Filter Spain Aluminum

Ceramic Foam Filter Spain Aluminum should be preheated before using CFF filter, the filter plate should be completely sealed in the aluminum water filter box to ensure that all aluminum water passes through the filter plate, and the total amount of filtration must not exceed the specified limit. If it is high, it should be adjusted by multi-stage filtering or reducing throughput.

On 29 December 2021, Alcoa, the world’s sixth-largest aluminium producer, announced that it has drawn up an agreement to reduce operations at its San Ciprian smelter in Spain over the next two years.  However, the US industrial company has also fulfilled its promise to restart the facility starting in January 2024.  

Alcoa, based in Pittsburgh, Pa., said the agreement with workers’ representatives at the SAN Cyprien plant focuses on addressing the challenges it is dealing with high energy prices.  

“The transaction will enable production reductions at the 228,000 metric ton/year facility to begin on January 1 with the goal of completion by the end of the month,” Alcoa said. 

However, as facilities shrink, Alcoa seeks to secure long-term power purchase agreements beginning in 2024 as soon as possible, the company said. 

The aluminum giant expects restructuring related charges in the fourth quarter of 2021 of approximately $60 million, before and after taxes, or 32 cents per share.  About half of the cost will be paid each year in 2022 and 2023, Alcoa said.  

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