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China Ceramic Foam Filter

China Ceramic Foam Filter

China CFF ceramic foam filter in the casting process is a familiar refining technology for the casting process. This technique makes it possible to eliminate the inclusions inside the melts and subsequently improves the mechanical properties of the product.

In addition, it will also improve the surface finish and the tightness of the cast product.

This drastically reduced the cost of rework. The present research was carried out to fabricate an improved ceramic foam filter for use in the filtration of aluminum-based alloys.

It was an objective of the present work to provide ceramic foam filter in China CFF characterized by the cost of raw materials.

Then, experimental tests were carried out on the filters to measure the permeability properties before the casting process.

After the casting process, the thermal shock properties are achieved by pouring liquid aluminum when the filter has been placed in the trigger system to ensure that the CFF filter from China can withstand the temperatures of the alloys of aluminum.

Ceramic Foam Filter China Factory

Then the filter was cut into several sections to measure the macro and microstructure of the filter and ensure that the impurity particles are captured by a filter.

Other experiments were also carried out to study the effectiveness of the ceramic foam filter produced on the quality of the cast products.

As a result of this investigation, the mechanical properties for LM6 aluminum alloy sand casting increased when a ceramic foam filter was inserted into the trigger system.

A filter produced using new materials is economical to produce.

In addition, analysis data shows a current innovation filter that can be manufactured in any shape and size, has excellent thermal shock resistance and acceptable permeability properties.

China CFF ceramic foam filter has the advantages of high porosity, low thermal shock loss, high mechanical strength at normal and high temperature, large specific surface area.

Good chemical stability and excellent functions of screen filtering, collecting, and absorbing filter residues, especially for small impurities from 1 to 10 µm.

The three-dimensional structure can improve the quality of large-scale casting by changing molten metal from turbulent flow to lamellar flow, removing gas and smoothing the casting.

It is not only applied for high temperature molten metal filtering, but also for high temperature gas processing, catalyst support, solid heat exchange and advanced filling for chemical industry.

With more than ten years of scientific research and development, ceramic foam filter has developed a series of filters, which are made of different materials such as alumina, silicon carbide and zirconia.

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