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Continuous Casting Tips

Continuous Casting Tips

The installation and adjustment of continuous casting tips and nozzles are very important for aluminum sheet casting and rolling process. It is related to the surface quality of the cast-rolled strip. Cast-rolling nozzle is a key component of cast-rolling production. Cast-rolling feeding nozzle can improve the partial flow in the feeding nozzle, keeping the speed of the metal flowing out of the cross-section at the outlet of the feeding nozzle consistent and the temperature uniform, and improving the cast-rolled sheet The surface quality.

Assembly and Adjustment of Continuous Casting Tips and Nozzle

After being assembled, it is put into the base of the casting nozzle and then put into the tool furnace for heating and drying. The furnace temperature is controlled at 150-200℃, and the time is more than 2h. The casting nozzle hoisted from the tool heating furnace must be re-inspected.

The inspection contents include: whether the baffle is firm, whether the lips are straight, and whether the sides are flat. If the above requirements cannot be met, they should be corrected by means of gaskets, etc., until the requirements are met.

Adjust the roll gap of the casting and rolling, the value of the roll gap is 5.4-6.5mm, and the difference between the two ends of the roll gap is 0.02mm to ensure that the plate thickness and lateral thickness difference meet the standard.

Before installing the casting nozzle, the circulating water in the roll must be closed. Lift the dried nozzle onto the nozzle feed trolley in front of the rolling mill and fix it with bolts. Be careful during the lifting and installation process to avoid damaging the nozzle.

Manually push the feed trolley between the two rollers, and observe from the side whether the mouth end and the roller are in good condition. When the upper and lower lips are about to approach the roll surface at the same time, start the rolling mill to reverse at low speed, manually push in the feed trolley to make the casting nozzle contact the roll surface, and push into the grinding casting nozzle little by little until the required casting area is obtained.

Measuring the cast-rolling zone: stop the roll rotation, measure and adjust the length of the cast-rolling zone, and measure at multiple points along the width of the casting nozzle to ensure that the distance between the two sides is uniform.

Adjust the roller nozzle gap: make the lower roller nozzle gap slightly smaller than the upper roller nozzle gap, the upper roller nozzle gap is 1.5~2mm, and the lower nozzle gap is 1.3-1. 5mm.

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