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Degassing aluminum technology improves

Degassing aluminum technology improves

1. The turbulent flow phenomenon on the surface of molten aluminum cannot be effectively solved With the increase of more and more high-quality products, various manufacturers have

On-line degassing aluminum unit is also paid more and more attention. especially how to improve

Technical personnel is constantly discussing the use effect of the equipment. 2008 At the “International Aluminum Today Conference” held in India in 2010, the participating experts passed the Import and export of various degassing aluminum units, especially rotary jet online degassing aluminum unit After discussion and evaluation, it was found that the effect of rotating graphite nozzles on the degassing effect was found. The effect is not large, but the turbulent flow phenomenon on the surface of the aluminum melt greatly affects degassing aluminum effect. Domestic manufacturers have not realized the surface turbulence The bad effect of the phenomenon on the degassing effect is only blindly increased by increasing The rotation speed of the large graphite nozzle or the structure of the nozzle is changed to reduce the gas

The size of the bubbles increases the contact area of ​​the bubbles with the aluminum melt to improve outgassing Degassing aluminum technology improves is very important, but it will increase The churning phenomenon on the surface of the molten aluminum leading to an aggravation of turbulent flow will be treated after treatment The oxidized inclusions and bubbles are repeatedly brought into the aluminum melt to make the aluminum melt out Now serious hydrogen absorption and pollution again.

degassing aluminum
degassing aluminum

2. There is a lot of aluminum in the box memory

To ensure the degassing aluminum effect of the aluminum melt, The improvement of degassing aluminum technology is very important. it is necessary to ensure that the aluminum melt is in the box processing time within. Especially when casting large slabs, the molten aluminum is treated at 30~50t/h To ensure the quality requirements of large flat ingots, the unit volume of molten aluminum during The processing time in the box is not less than 4min, so that the amount of aluminum stored in the box will be reduced. Will reach 2 ~ 3t. During the casting batch process, a large amount of Electric energy keeps this molten aluminum in the box and acts as a heater the box to protect the When the sheath tube is damaged, the electric heater cannot keep the molten aluminum warm. Drain the aluminum liquid in the tank. The manufacturer decides to replace the alloy grade It is also necessary to release this molten aluminum when it comes to a fee. To solve the above problems, some manufacturers have adopted the launder type. The rotary jet degassing unit is limited by its structure of aluminum The liquid treatment time is very short, it is greatly affected by the fluctuation of the liquid level, and the sealing effect is Not good, the treatment effect can only meet the needs of general products. It can meet the requirements in areas with relatively dry weather. But as the market The continuous improvement of product quality requirements, especially in some humid climates in the south

In areas, the box-type rotary jet-degassing aluminum unit is still the first choice.

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